The Drop Shot – April Edition


As usual, there has been lots going on in the club during April. All the latest news is available to view under the ‘News’ section of our website
There are also lots of photos on there as well, so take a look and see if you spot anyone you know!
So the first event for April was the Captains Easter Tournament which took place on the 15th. We had a great day of tennis and most importantly of all it didn’t rain. As always the event was expertly organised by our captains Liz and Chris and not forgetting Jim who arranges the draw with such ease that it’s easy to forget that it is actually quite a difficult task. There was lots of tea, coffee and tray bakes to keep the troops going and the whole event was kindly sponsored by Barry Coates.
While the adults got to play in the unpredictable weather of ‘Norn Iron’ our lucky juniors and head coach Johnny got to take a trip to the sunnier climate of Alicante. The juniors got to play tennis on the Spanish dirt and sample tapas in the evenings along with trips to the beach. You can check out the pictures from their trip on our website (just in case you missed it the first time!)
Our VI players also had a visitor this month. Melanie (the clubs Outreach officer and VI player) invited Ulster Tennis Development Officer Ben Neal to the club to watch the VI players in action and to let him have a go himself. It was a lovely day and the craic on court was mighty. Ben however has discovered that once he put the blindfold on, he was useless at tennis!! It was a very productive visit and Mel deserves great credit in the promotion of VI tennis and as a representative of CIYMS.
The final event to take place this month was the Internal Club Championships. Congratulations to everyone who took part, to all the winners, to everyone who came down to the club on finals day and finally to Johnny for organising this event. There are plenty of photos on the website of the finals day trophy presentations ( for those who keep asking!!!) so check them out. The committee are hoping to get an annual winners board for this tournament on display somewhere in the club (we need approval first) but we could be seeing your name in lights some time soon.
It’s not just the organised events that make this club so good though. Did you know that we have adult tennis classes that are great fun, great exercise, great way to improve your game but also a great way to meet other members. I know that I tend to play with the same group of people and it’s good to mix it up now and again. If you want to know more about the adult classes, check out the coaching section on our website (no I’m not going to give you the address this time).
Another way to play with different people is to try one of our club play sessions. Club play takes place on Wednesday evenings from 7pm and Saturday afternoons from 2pm. Both sessions are followed by drinks in the bar which, although not obligatory, are very welcome indeed.
Thursday clubplay sessions need a paragraph of its own!! Thursday afternoons – ‘TOGGS n TYGGS’. So what does that stand for? I have heard many variations but the more complimentary version is ‘The
Old Guys n Gals’ and the ‘TYGGS?’ – The Young Guys n Gals. Ok so my next question is when does a TYGG become a TOGG? Apparently the consensus is when you qualify for a Saga holiday you get to call yourself a TOGG.
So who can come along? Everyone is welcome provided you’re not easily offended as Desi is a regular. Only joking Desi. I will get some pictures up on the website soon!
So don’t forget to sign up for emails if you want to get the latest updates, or check out our Facebook page and finally take a peek at our website, I might have mentioned it before but it does have lots of photos and useful information


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